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Monday, June 26, 2006

Bound to happen!

It was bound to happen. I received the dreaded "letter from TDW's attorneys." First, it seemed to me that I had received something of a fishing form-letter, as the attorney demanded that I cease and desist my past and future posts about TDW on Please see pg1-pg2.jpg on the left. You can click on the document, and maybe see a larger version. I felt these demands are totally without merit, and sought help from the ACLU in Washington State. We had several emails, and phone calls. As far as I am concerned, TDW and their attorneys are trying to get me to give up my right of Freedom of Expression, guaranteed to all U.S. citizens in the First Amendment of the Constitution. After some discourse, the ACLU sent me a guide about what is free speech, and what is defamatory. They sent me a pdf file. You may download it and even print it out if you like, just click here .

I forwarded a printed copy of the pdf to Adorno and Yoss (TDW's attorneys), as well as a letter stating that I did not feel that I posted anything slanderous and libelous on anything I posted on the Internet, and had nothing to cease and desist, nor would I agree not to post anything in the future about TDW. Stay tuned.


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