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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Still No Help from the BBB as of 6/2/05!

Friday, June 03, 2005

It is June already, and there is still no help from the BBB. I did get this email a little while back:

We have carefully reviewed the most recent information you sent regarding your complaint. Due to the nature and circumstances of the dispute we are unable to be of further assistance.

The Better Business Bureau relies on the voluntary cooperation of businesses to act responsibly and make adjustments in the interest of fairness and good customer service.

You may wish to contact the following agency for further assistance with your complaint:

Division of Consumer Services:850-922-2966.Discount Warehouse has no control over what is in the shipment.Therefore we cannot hold them responsible for the type of items that were in the palets.

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to try and help you. Your experience has become a matter of record in our files.


Cheri Stillman
Dispute Resolution Specialist

Did you see the underlined and bolded passage above? How in hell can the BBB say that The Discount Warehouse, Inc. has no control over what is in the shipment when I ordered 300 pieces and got 300 pieces? Someone had to count them to put them in the shipment. Who did that? God? The Devil? Fate? I didn't do it. So who did, if it wasn't good ol' TDW Closeouts, huh? If they counted them, they knew and had control over what was in the shipment. What good is it for the customers if TDW is a member of the BBB if the BBB doesn't go to bat for the consumer? And just because they are members of the BBB, they are not bound to follow any rules, anyway. Fooey!


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