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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Old Comments To This Blog

I temporarily removed posts I had in this blog. This also removed the comments that accompanied the posts. I had copied the comments to a file on my computer, but haven't figured out how to reinstall them, or which posts they accompanied. So, to be fair to those who had taken the time to comment, and to keep the words these readers had written, I am putting all here in this post:


· "The Cellar" is a Macy's brand bad you found out the hardway that these resellar companies are a rip off. Look up a similar company called Auction Road that went under after bilking many people out of their money by promising something they never delivered.If it seems to good to be true, it probably is. My wife and I made a living off of Ebay for quite some time and the one thing we found out is that companies like the one you found are nothing but a scam. We did all our own bargain hunting and used places like outlet stores to get the best deals.Sorry you git ripped off but I would be highly doubtful you will get any true resolution from this other then the knowledge of what to look for next time.
By Anonymous, at 3:13 PM
· Thanks for the input. One thing I've got is lots of time. I will persevere. Who knows, maybe I will go to Sunrise, Florida, and parade around in a chicken suit, carrying a sign, and ask the media to show up. I had friends who did that at a Cadillac dealer in Los Angeles, and the dealer lost a million dollars worth of business before he gave in, and then they wouldn't settle for what they originally asked for. They got enough to not work for a full year. Who knows?
By anagnostic, at 7:13 PM
· If you ask me you got what you paid for,(even if you overpaid for it). It seems rather fool hearted to buy sight unseen, a random load of stuff. Caviat Emptor (Buyer Beware) is, I hope, a lesson learned here.
By Anonymous, at 3:52 PM
· You're right, it was fool-hardy to trust in these people. So I take this as a no, you wouldn't buy from them. Actually, they have been in business for a long time, and they are a member of the BBB. Either others have had the same experiences, and are quiet about it, or they have had a better experience, and I was discriminated against. Which is it? I just don't choose to suffer in silence. I am only trying to spread the word that these people aren't dealing fairly with me, and maybe not with you.
By anagnostic, at 4:31 PM
· That's absolutely terrible, I feel for you. I think you been scammed. :(
By Number 1, at 8:48 PM
· Thanks for your comment, Number 1. I, too, feel I have been scammed. I hope others will be warned from my experience.
By anagnostic, at 11:33 PM

Anonymous said...
I had the same thing happen to me. I bought clothes. Seemed like a great deal. Spent 1000.00 for 200 pieces that said it had JOLO and other name brands cant think of off the top of my head. Said it would be great for E-bay. It had one JOLO shirt. Most of the stuff was out dated. Or not made well. Where really hard to sell sizes. Everything was a 2 petite or a 3 xl. I lost my business. This for the most part is sitting in my basement and cant give it away for free. Heart broken. My business was building up well. Had built up 1000.00 operating income bought this and now out of buisness because I thought I was buying something other than what i was. They advertise this as something resellable. There was to be something against that. This stuff is not resellable unless you loose all your money doing it then your giving it away.
6:57 AM

Anonymous said...
I'm glad I found this place... My friend/partner and I just had a problem with TDW ourselves. We orders 300 purses advertised as overstock from Macy's/Federated and brand names like Guess, Liz Clairbourne, Nine West ext... What we got instead was 300 purses with the brand name "La Philipe" and "Elcante" We paid $7 a purse with shipping the cost was $8.04 a purse. I found the website and they are a company that makes knock offs of high end brand names like Prada, Gucci, Couch, ext.. Now, I am not sure you you all realize how TDW works. They do not have these items in stock. They basically broker these loads. The shipment is not comming from TDW's warehouse. They list loads that other places are selling, not loads they actually own. The company that actually owns the load sends the product out and TDW payes them and keeps the difference. I hope that explains the BBB's response. They can't know what's in the loads because they are drop shipped.This is recent and I will let you know how things proceed. I will attempt to contact the BBB and see if we get the same response. Contact me if you like
3:05 AM

Kate Ford said...
I'll link to you on my blog too and I most certainly won't buy from them. Operations like that won't stop until people stand up and let them know that we ARE waching and won't sit back while they lie and steal from us.
9:47 PM

archphoto said...
Thanks for your support.
10:58 PM

Lisa said...
Glad to see someone else is taking a stand against TDW.Here is my post to ripoffreport.comI searched the internet for closeout and overstock merchandise. After a few weeks, I decided to go with TDW. I called them several times after finding they were in my home state, I figured shipping would be less. Boy was I wrong. I bought a mixed lost of Federated/Macy's Domestics. I was told this was a pallet 6 x 6 x 6 of upscale high end department store items.I wired them money and waited until the shipping company called to deliver. When the truck got here, we opened the box, and the box was not even 1/2 full! Some of the stuff out of there was thrown away and most had to be patched, washed or fixed up to sell.After 2 weeks of working on it, I put it on Ebay and sold quite a bit.My gripe is that I was told I would be getting a FULL pallet of stuff, which I did not. They rip you off on shipping. I never checked from CA, but shipping for 3 pallets from there would only be $474.I paid $795.00 for one pallet and $257.89/shipping. Their warehouse is maybe 3 hours from me.I know they do not guarantee what is in the lots/pallets, but when you buy a pallet you should get a full pallet, and shipping was outrageous.I recently found a GREAT company to buy from. I paid $100 for a lot that had 20 more items in it and only paid $35 yes $35 for shipping from the SAME area as TDW.If you are looking for items to sell, contact me and I'll give you the info on the new company. Beware if you are getting into this business - it takes tons of work and elbow grease for a little bit of items and money to pay off with these types of items.
4:46 PM



    Thanks, Sherron

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