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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

My Revelation – Well Duh!

Monday, April 18, 2005

This is an email sent to the Southeast Florida BBB on 4/18/05, in response to an email received from them on the same day. It references that The Discount Warehouse, Inc. made me an offer of $300.00 off my next order to compensate me. (Why would they do that? Guilt?) They said they usually don't compensate anyone. Makes you think, doesn't it? See the bold and underlined part below, for my revelation on how I feel I was really defrauded.

To the BBB....
As ludicrous as it sounds, the management at The Discount Warehouse, Inc. thinks that I would again do business with them. I feel I was taken advantage of on this purchase. I was sent 175 individual towels and wash cloths (out of 300 items), of which almost all do not match any other towels, or wash cloths, in the shipment. Each wash cloth was counted as a single item. I was charged $5.95 for each towel or washcloth, plus shipping, which brought the item up to almost $8.00 for each. I can go to Macy's and buy them retail, for less. I told Martine that I wanted to sell these items on eBay, and she said they'd be perfect for eBay. They are not. If you add shipping, which, in most cases is more than I can sell the item for on eBay, they are not perfect for eBay sales. I wouldn't have minded all this so much, but these items are supposed to be high-end items, including Tommy Hilfiger, DKNY, Liz At Home, Ralph Lauren, etc. In 300 pieces, there was not one Tommy Hilfiger, DKNY, or Liz At Home, in the whole bunch.

I cannot believe they don't control what's in the containers before they send them out, as they indicated to me on the phone. What if the container had electronics? I'm sure they look to see what's in there, before sending it out. How do they know I got 300 pieces, if they did not count and sort them? That means handling them! Someone could say, "Gee, we could at least throw in a few Tommys, or a few Lizzes." Or, "This guy sure got a lot of wash cloths in this order, we should send him more of a mixture." I would think they get away with this when someone buys a pallet, but I won't let them get away with it, because I feel they cherry-picked my load, as I got 300 items, and paid for 300 items. There is no way to count them by machine. Some person has to do this. Maybe the better items were given to a better, long-term customer. They told me each time I talked to them that they don't cherry-pick the loads. I think that is fraudulent.

Have someone in your office call them and ask if they can order the pieces they want, and I'll bet they tell you they can't. Ask them how they know you are getting 300 items without handling the items. See if they are stuck for an answer.

I feel The Discount Warehouse, Inc. hides behind an agreement which could give them a license to steal, and that each state should make a law against such sales practices. I didn't buy this stuff at a blind auction, sight unseen. I bought this from people who manipulated the load, knowing I would take a loss selling this stuff.

I will settle for no less than a $1,200.00 refund (no credits). At that, I still would be taking a loss, but I could live with that.

Thank you.



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