TDW Closeouts - The Discount Warehouse, Inc., and My Dealings With Them

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Thursday, April 07, 2005

Update 4/7/05 - The Better Business Bureau of South Eastern Florida has put this in the file of TDW on their website, after I filed my complaint:

"Additional File Information

Customers are required to sign a Terms and Agreements before the shipment is sent out, which states all merchandise is Salvage/Store returns and sold AS IS with no warranties, or guarantees of any kind expressed or implied. All Merchandise is salvage store returns, or other similar second-hand merchandise, with no refunds, returns, credits or exchanges offered or given. The company has no control on what is in each pallet. Each pallet may contain a mixture of some new, good, bad, unpacked, items with missing parts, and damaged merchandise. The Department Stores, and The Discount Warehouse, Inc., will not be held liable for any dissatisfaction with respect to the sale or quality of Merchandise."

Well, I wasn't very bright for signing such an agreement. I was too trusting. This is a license to steal, and I thought I would be dealt with honorably. I was wrong. To those of you who want to buy from this company, learn from my mistake. Stay away in droves. I personally feel that they are not telling the truth that they have no control of what is in the shipments. Whose control is it in then? God's? It surely wasn't in mine. It is now, seeing as I can do anything with it I want, with the exception of making a profit, or possibly breaking even.

Of course they have control. I would imagine that they don't do this to those who have bought truckload after truckload of merchandise from them.

Would you not look into the box to make sure that there wasn't something other than textiles in there, before shipping it out? What if it was a mismarked box of electronics? TDW would want to make sure that they aren't sending me $10,000 worth of electronics instead of $2,400.00 worth of textiles. So, they do have control!

It looks like I will get no satisfaction from BBB.


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