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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Open email sent to TDW, The Discount Warehouse

Monday, April 04, 2005

I am just a guy who wanted to buy high-end domestics in bulk, and sell them on eBay for a profit. That's not going to happen. I don't feel I got what I paid for. See the open email I sent to the salesperson below.

Re: invoice # 11257

Hi Martine -

It has been several weeks since I made and received my order with TDW for "High-End Domestics." When I received my order, I was impressed with the professionalism and attention to detail exhibited from you and everyone involved in the shipment of my items. My high regard was quickly changed when I finally opened my package. Now, you and I know what I signed in your agreement, so that is not even part of this email. This has to do with ethics. I feel I did not receive the products I was paying for. This is a quote from the sales document sent to me for which I paid $5.95 per item + shipping (which brought the total to $2,381.75, or around $8.00 per item!):

"Federated/Macy?s Domestics/Linens: All New shelf-pulls and overstock Domestics. Huge selection of high - end brand names: Burlington, Court of Versailles, Calvin Klein, Charter Club, Tommy Hilfiger, Fieldcrest, Sheridan, DuPont, Signature, Luxury Linens, Liz at Home, Ralph Lauren, Cannon Royal Family, DKNY and more. Pallets may contain a mixture of Sheets, Towels, Comforters, Linens, Bathroom Accessories, Rugs, bed in a bag, Pillows and much more. Please call for inventory availability. F.O.B. Florida. Order now. ON SALE NOW!"

Here's what I really got: 33, new-in-package, mostly Charter Club bedding, several shower curtains, and even shower curtain hooks, 175 towels, most of them individual, unmatched towels, and 27 pillows, along with Votive Candles, Potpourri, a waste basket, a terry cloth robe, and a toilet paper holder stand.

There was no Tommy Hilfiger, DKNY, Liz at Home, of any type, just to name a few high-end designer brands that were missing.

Besides that, my biggest problem is the number of towels, and some that no one seems to have heard of. I got a large bunch of "Inside/Out Towels by the Cellar. You can't even find these on Google, which means that buyers don't know these are supposed to be high-end! Or are they? Another thing is that I wound up paying what amounts to $8.00 per towel, considering that Macy's is selling towels for less than that, retail, on sale, and I have to charge shipping (they don't). I can't make a profit or run a business like this, so it looks like I take a loss. I sure can't sell this stuff even on eBay, where someone has to pay shipping to receive it. I may have a problem giving it away, if I make the buyer pay the shipping. I am including images of the bedding and of the towels and pillows to give an idea of what the ratio looks like.

Now, I am for everyone making a profit. But the profit on this seems to stop with you at TDW. And yes, my legal remedies may be thin at the moment, but this being the US of A, I still have the good ol' First Amendment to say what I think.

That $2,400 I spent may be just a drop in the bucket to TDW, but it represents a lot of sweat and tears on my end. I feel that the best I could expect for all these towels on eBay would be $1.00 each plus shipping. I also feel that I could put this episode behind me if I was to receive a refund check for $1,200.00 (half of what it cost me with shipping). On the other hand, I can make this my life's work to get this rectified. If I do not hear from you within one week, I will be starting a blog with TDW and my situation at the center of it, looking for others who have similar stories. I will make this letter public, send it to your competitors, and have a conversation with the BBB in your area. I don't feel that I received what I paid for, and I hope that you, and your superiors, see it my way, and avoid any need to take this further.

The limited amount of bedding I received!

The amount of towels and other things I received!

Martine emailed back to me about a week after I sent the email above, and also called her. She wrote:

"Good afternoon Gary,

This is to confirm that I have received your message this morning which I've already bring to my supervisor' s attention, however it will takes a few days to come up with a solution since the merchandise were shipped out exactly the way they came in. The pictures are greatly appreciated, as soon as I hear from my supervisor I will let you know. In the meantime, please feel free to contact me with any further questions or comments.

Best regards,
Martine/Sales Dept.
The Discount Warehouse
PH: 954-746-8701"

I haven't heard from them since, and I have written them again!


  • wow i was just about to money transfer $6k NZD to TDW thats over ten thousand new zealand dollars.. for freight and currentcy change over.
    Due to your blog, i will not be sending a cent with them.!
    thanks so much...

    note to TDW... if you had any business respect you would have givin a refund by now.. all i can say is your a bunch of preying j^%$^($ !!!!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/30/2008 4:23 PM  

  • thank you for your blog. I am actually going to tdw to have a look at their products to see if they are up to their promises. I think the best thing to do in these dealings is to actually go to the suppliers and inspect the goods there and then before purchasing. TDW are welcoming walk ins so you do not need an appointment. You also need to arrange the shipping beforehand so the goods leave the premises when you are. There is no such things as an free lunch and you need to work hard to get a bargain. So promises about extreme deals are mostly hot air. But if you do the legwork and dont trust the suppliers on their word alone you will be allright.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5/27/2010 5:58 PM  

  • To Anonymous -

    Good luck with that. My opinion is that if you shake hands with the owner, or any of his workers, count your fingers when you get your hand back.


    By Blogger archphoto, at 5/27/2010 9:15 PM  

  • Good that I have found this Blog!
    I am moving to the area in Florida in 2 Months and was going to use them as a supplier.
    My intention were to go visit them and look at the merchandise at their warehouse.
    I was going to buy by the truckload.
    After reading this blog and the reports on ripoff, I decided not to do business with them.
    Unethical behavior on their behalf cost them several truck loads a Month.
    If they were an honorable business, they would have sold several $10000 worth of merchandise every month to me...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7/30/2010 7:40 PM  

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