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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Today, I got a comment . . .

I received a comment today from another person, Jason, who is not happy with The Discount Warehouse, or TDW Closeouts, as they also call themselves.  Here is the comment:

I love your blog and just like you I got scammed hard by TDW Closeouts but I have to say that I really wish you would remove the following sentence:

" Plus, if I had just put the original $2.4K in the bank that I sent TDW in 2005, I probably would have made that much in interest."

This is the only weakness on your entire blog. There is no way you could make $1,200 in interest off of $2,400. That would be a rate of 50% and considering that the very best bank rates are just a couple percentage points you would actually be looking at an interest return of around $216 for the entire 6 year period. I work in banking and truly if you remove that one sentence your blog would be iron-clad. It is the only weakness on the entire blog.

I see you moderate these comments. If you choose to remove that sentence please feel free to delete the above paragraph before you post my comments that are not related to that single sentence.

Thank you for keeping up the fight against TDW as many of us have been scammed by them and others needs to know.

And here is my comment on his comment:

Thanks, Jason, for your thoughtful comment on my blog post. Yes, I know that was an exaggeration on my part. I just wanted to point out that the exercise of ordering anything from The Discount Warehouse was to make money over and above my investment. Not only did I not make anything, I lost money. And no, I can't easily delete anything from your comment. I can either put it up in its entirety, or not at all. If I could change comments, I could make them all positive for me. That wouldn't give me a chance to comment on them either.

Thanks again for your comment.  Now, take it to the next level:  start a blog, and put up a youtube video.  Chase The Discount Warehouse in all media.  Tell the world about your experience and let them judge.  It is your First Amendment Right!


  • Thank you for posting my comment. I would like to clarify in the event of an unfortunate misunderstanding that I did not mean for a moment you would edit comments for the sake of editing comments on your blog. I do not have any experience with Blogger but do know that in Wordpress one can edit comments. I foolishly assumed all blogging platforms allowed for that. I merely wanted you to know that I would happily support your editing of my comment.

    I do wish I could post my experiences with TDW but unfortunately I am not allowed to discuss them in any detail. I am fortunate in that I am a product of two respected attorneys and did not have to pay to go after this company and its ownership. That is all the settlement allows me to say unfortunately.

    By Anonymous Jason, at 5/19/2011 10:55 PM  

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